As much as we receive from Nature, we love to give back to her in whatever way possible.

So as of 2023, we have donated part of the proceeds to Sadhana Forest to help us plant & nurture 2516 Indigenous Tress.

Nature being cyclical, we couldn’t think of a better partner than Sadhana forest, which has been into Afforestation work since 2003, to help us in this process of giving back! You can get more details about them here

We hope to be able to generate more each year to give back to nature and create a mini forest!

Thank you to each of you for supporting this by participating in our sessions.


Preeti Chellam

Matao Young

Aura Potier


Chittem Purnima

Yannick Bosquet



Debjani Saha

Nature Connections session at Cubbon Park was undoubtedly one of the best & refreshing sunday mornings that I had in a very long time. In this fast paced life, it’s so easy to lose the very essence of who we are, where we come from and what the nature has to offer to every single one of us. It’s imperative that we become aware of the nature around us. I highly recommend engaging with this fantastic team of Nature Connections to help you discover beautiful experiences in this journey of unraveling nature!

Swati Vasishta

It was an amazing break out session in the 2nd Biennial Awakening Shakti Woman Conference In Mauritius led by Vaishnavi, Nature Connections. A blissful experience from the forest bathing, to the tree hugs, to the mandalas, to the messages! Thank you for coming all the way from Bangalore, India

Chaya Jhowry

A beautiful Sunday morning in a lush green and wooded part of Cubbon Park. Languid and graceful, the trees welcomed us, having waited for a while for us to find time amidst our busy lives. Vaishnavi beautifully and gently led us through various experiences that culminated in the deep, moving and beautiful experience of connecting with a tree- there was no need for words and so much was said in that space. In an age where I feel all of us need to remind ourselves that we are just one thread in the tapestry of life on earth, this is an experience I heartily recommend.

Sridevi Padmanabhan

Every Sunday we sleep in. Today, I decided to trek my way to The Sanjay Gandhi National Park to journey with my senses into trees, wilderness, mandalas and a kickass forest naturalist… WOWEDD!! VAISHNAVI was truly beautiful a soul and guided a union that spoke so graciously and authentically… #NatureWanderer #FreeSpirit #GorgeousNewness #RejuvenatedRawness #SundayUnforgettable #HuggingWhispers #AloneAlignment

Baktavar Elavia

Because of #LeadLikeAGirl fellowship, I got to experience the remarkable Forest Bathing at Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Around 20 girls walked through the park and connected with nature. Personally, I cannot explain what getting into forest does to our mind and perspective. As I listened to the wisdom of the trees, I continuously got a message to explore more and more without hesitation and as we accomplished ahead, we should not feel comfortable and hence, we should go more deeper. Interestingly, I found water, soil and tiny sapling in one of the part of the tree itself. The tree treated me as a family and close ones. Overall, the experience was charming and thought-provoking. One must experience it.

Matao Young

Nature Connections helps you to reconnect with nature and understand and feel the experience of interconnectedness. I had been to one of the sessions last year and it was an amazing experience! Very profound and deeply touching! Thank you, Vaishnavi Viswanathan, for conducting the awesome Forest Meditation and Walking Session for us!

Partha Iyengar

I have attended several nature connections with Vaishnavi. Everytime the experiences gives me something new. The first couple of sessions simply helped quite the chatter in my mind and become present to nature and it’s sounds, smells etc. The later sessions I actually started sensing things I had never imagined. I could feel a tree’s love and it’s welcoming embrace. And when I went home from such sessions I felt releif from the chronic pain I was experiencing. In the last session that I attended I felt like a tree demonstrated to me something I was struggling with. Overall I find these sessions extremely healing and educative. I would urge everyone to experience these sessions regularly.

Saparna Jain

The workshop was a great way to practice mindfulness and connect to inner wisdom through connection with nature. I highly recommend this experience.

Kawtar El Alaoui

Sunday well spent. connecting with nature~ getting back to our childhood days.. spending time in the open running around for some fun activities.. Wild and Free !! a complete mind body soul retreat.. look forward to many more such events.. Nature Connections Rocks 🤘

Debjani Saha

Such a simple and beautiful way to connect to nature and self.. I strongly recommend nature connections to all age groups specially for those residing in metros, it is pure bliss to experience!

Bhairavi Soni

Nature Connections is performing really a wonderful work. It relaxes our heart and soul. I highly recommend it.

Ranjith Kumar